LASI Genetics

Also funded by a grant from Harvard’s PGDA, LASI Genetics is an add-on study that builds on the success of the DBS assays for EBV, Hb, CRP, and HbA1c.  In collaboration with partners at Strand Life Sciences in Bangalore, LASI researchers are exploring the use of DBS for purposes of genetic testing in India. Recent research indicates that DNA can be extracted from DBS and used for a variety of genetic and proteomic tests. Genetic data alone are particularly important in the Indian context, where high rates of consanguinity have resulted in a greater incidence of rare genetic disorders. When combined with other LASI health and family history data, including results of the existing DBS assays, genetic information would provide a richer understanding of the association between genotypes and phenotypes in India. Additionally, this study would lead to a population-based genetics database, which India currently lacks. Overall, a large genetic data repository for India would lay the foundation for fundamental scientific analysis and knowledge that could improve not just the health of Indians, but of people worldwide.